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EZ Track IR HD EX-SDI PTZ Camera

Опубликовано : 4-01-2018, 12:39 | Категория: Technology news   


 The introduction of a high speed HD EX-SDI dome camera that produces crystal clear High Definition Images at up to 490 feet in total darkness brings surveillance technology to a whole new level. This new cameras also comes with auto tracking technology and is IP66 Weatherproof, so it can live in even the toughest conditions.

The Auto Tracking Feature is easily set with on-screen menus. The Camera is set to a home position which provides a wide view of the area of concern. When movement appears, such as a vehicle or person the camera will automatically lock onto the object and track it until the object moves out of the camera’s viewing capability. The camera then returns to its home position and again monitors for movement.

Cruising tracks, can be programed with preset positions to be called in a set of sequences by using the on-screen display. The sequence can be set to let the camera scan from on position to the next in a cycle at a set speed. The cruise sequence and dwell time of each preset can be set as desired. The EZ Track-IR EX-SDI Camera supports up to 8 crusing tracks with up to 32 presets in each track.

Manual Control of the PTZ is available through the use of the AU40Z Joystick Controller. This controller can be used to operate multiple cameras.

Other advanced features include:

3.27 MegaPixel - 1080p Resolution
Night Vision - Up to 490 Feet
Powerful 20x Optical Zoom
Auto Tracking & Light Adjustment Technology
IP66 Weatherproof
Full Aluminum Alloy Wiper
Source: http://www.ezwatch.com

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