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Опубликовано : 30-04-2019, 04:23 | Категория: Business news   




Losses of shares of Boeing Co in two days exceeded 20 billion dollars, since on Tuesday more and more countries, including the United Kingdom, founded the aircraft of the 737 MAX 8 aircraft manufacturer after the catastrophic crash of the associated Nairobi Boeing 737 MAX 8.
The UK Civil Aviation Authority has stated that, as a precautionary measure, 737 MAX commercial flights from UK airspace have been banned.
Malaysia, Singapore and Australia also grounded the plane. The same model was involved in another disaster in Indonesia in October.
Boeing shares fell 3.2 to $ 387.10 after opening Tuesday, adding to a 5 percent decline on Monday.
After the collapse in Ethiopia, according to Refinitiv, at least seven of the 24 equity analysts revised their ratings with two downgrades and one goal of lowering prices.
DZ Bank became the first broker in almost two years to place a "sale” rating on stocks, while setting a target price level of $ 333 - the lowest on Wall Street.
Brokerage Edward Jones also lowered the stock rating to "withholding” from "buying,” stating that accidents can lead to additional costs, some delays on orders and financial results.
"The question of whether Boeing has any responsibility or whether there is a problem in his plane, investors are still trying to digest,” said Rick Mekler, a partner at Cherry Lane Investments in New Vernon, New Jersey.
The United States will decide to make changes to the Boeing design by April, but stated that the aircraft is airworthy and does not need to be grounded.
Security experts say it is too early to talk about what caused the accident on Sunday, and the black box recorders have not yet given a reason.

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